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Electric Arc Spray Coating Info & Benefits

The electric arc spray coating process consists of two wires of desired materials acting as electrodes when they're fed thru a spray gun. The gun is connected to a high-current (DC) power source to facilitate an arc between them. An air stream thru the back of the gun atomizes and propels the molten particles towards a prepared surface. With adjustable parameters including voltage and amperage, arc temperatures can reach 5000° C, hot enough to melt any material, at the same time the part surface remains cool. The arc spray coating process is considered energy efficient because all of the input energy is used to melt the spray materials.

  • Very high bond strength.
  • Versatile hardness, to machine or grind.
  • Versatile build-up .003" to >.0.300"
  • Versatile finishes, smooth to extra rough.
  • High ductility with low stresses
  • High density with low porosities.

Electric Arc Spray coatings are used in the below applications for increased wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and chrome replacement coatings.

  • Feed Rolls & non-slip surfaces
  • Corrosion protection work
  • General journal build-up & repair
  • Specific alloy build up material
  • Replace galvanizing
  • Heavy build-up requirements
  • Chrome plating replacement coatings
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