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Advantages of Flame Sprayed Coatings

  • During the coating process, there is No Distortion of the part being coated. The part temperature generally is below 250° F (121° C) during the spray operation. The substrate of the part that is coated does not metallurgically get altered.
  • Virtually Any Material can be applied to any metal substrate, and some plastics; including ceramics, carbides, pure metals, alloy metals, and much more.
  • Coating buildup can Exceed .100 (2.54mm) in Thickness, with some materials able to be applied over .200 (5.08mm) thick.
  • The Application Time is very fast, unlike plating applications that take hours to accomplish a minimal buildup. This can reduce downtime during repairs.
  • Flame sprayed coatings will Increase Component Life, helping to extend the life cycle of equipment, therefore reducing maintenance costs. When necessary, the coating can be removed with virtually no degradation to the part base material, and reapplied to restore and place the component back in service.
  • Finished parts are Protected by Masking, so that only the surface requiring coating buildup gets coated, with the rest of the part remaining free of any coating attachment.

Flame Spray Coating Company has provided quality coating and related services to OEM and After-Market customers for over 25 years. Our North American facility in the USA is centrally located to offer fast, expedient service to customers throughout North America and around the world.

A wide range of materials are available that include ceramic coatings, carbide coatings, pure metal coatings, metal alloy coatings, composites, synthetics and much more that we apply by high and low velocity methods to obtain the highest quality coating applications available today. In addition to the coating application, we offer machining services to prepare the part for coating and subsequent finishing of the coating and part. This program involves partnering to provide various methods of grinding, machining, welding, coating and complete manufacturing of parts. A complete metallurgical laboratory is maintained in our facility for the testing and analysis of the coating processes performed.

Flame Spray Coating Company offers you the expertise necessary to engineer, develop, produce and test the wear coatings that will provide your parts with dramatically improved life and quality.

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