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Aerospace Thermal Spray Coating Components

Flame Spray Coating Co. offers a full range of thermal sprays used for the protection of newly manufactured aerospace & defense parts and the repair of existing components for the aerospace and defense industries. Please see below for example applications of our services within the aerospace industry or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Turbine Blades - Thermal spray coatings protect engine turbine blades from the extreme temperatures they experience, and ensure increased reliability for extended periods of time.

Jet Engines - There are over 100 applications for thermal sprays coatings within a single jet engine, such as crank shafts, cylinders, piston rings and abrasive coatings to ensure a sealing surface between the turbine blade and their housing.

Landing Gear - HVOF thermal sprays have recently replaced hard chrome plating as the preferred method of coatings used in aircraft landing gear to protect this equipment from the extreme forces experienced during take-off and landing.

Industry Surface Requirement Component Thermal Spray Coatings
Coatings for the Aerospace industry
Thermal Barrier Rocket Combustion Chamber Zirconium Oxide
Resist Fretting Compressor Air Seals Aluminum Bronze
Particle Erosion Missle Nose Cones Calcium Zirconate
Shielding Missle Systems Pure Aluminum
Oxidation Resistance High Pressure Nozzles Cobalt-Molybdenum
Turbine Engines
Coatings for the turbine engines
Fretting-Hi Temperature Turbine Air Seals Chromium Cobalt
Corrosion Resistance Fuel Nozzles Aluminum Oxide
Fretting-Low Temperature Compressor Stators Tungsten Carbide
Particle Erosion Turbine Vanes Chromium Carbide
Abradable Coating Engine Compressor Stages Nickel Graphite
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