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Automotive & Diesel Industry Thermal Spray Coating Components

Flame Spray Coating Co. offers a full range of range of thermal sprays used for the protection of newly manufactured parts and the repair of used parts for the automotive nad diesel industries. Our thermal spray coatings protect and prolong the lifespan of products subjected to wear, erosion, corrosion and fretting.

Engine parts - Increase the life of high wear components such as crank shafts, prop shafts, torque converters, turbo chargers and piston rings with metal sprays to increase their service life, by applying hard coatings.

Chassis - Protect your vehicles from corrosion attack with protective thermal sprays on your car chassis.

Heat Transfer - Reduce heat transfer using non-conductive metal sprays, improving the performance of your vehicle.

Industry Surface Requirement Component Thermal Spray Coatings
Coatings for the automotive industry
Resist Fretting Differential Ring Gears Molybdenum
Resist Particle Erosion Exhaust Valve Seats Fused Nickel-Cobalt
Resist Corrosive Gases Piston Heads Nickel Chromium
Oxidizing Atmospheres Exhaust Mufflers Nickel Chromium
Diesel Engines
Coatings for the diesel engines
Resist Cavitation Cylinder Liner 316 Stainless Steel
Heat Corrosion Piston Head Fused Nickel Chromium
Abrasive Grain Wear Cylinder Liner High Carbon-Iron-Moly
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