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Oil & Gas Industry Thermal Spray Coating Components

Flame Spray Coating Co. offers a full range of range of coatings protect a wide variety of oil and gas components from erosion, corrosion and wear. Some typical applications are displayed below.

Valve Gates/Seats - Thermal sprays can be used to refurbish gates to their original specification using HVOF coatings. We also coat newly manufactured gates to increase their wear resistance. Seat faces are resprayed to ensure a quality sealing face.

Mandrels - Repair damaged mandrels or protect newly manufactured parts. Our spraying booths have the capacity to spray mandrels up to 4m long.

Ball Valves - HVOF coatings on external ball valve surfaces protect the valve from wear and corrosion. Used ball valves can be returned to their manufactured specification removing the need to purchase new parts.

Rock Bits - applying HVOF thermal spray coatings to rock bits prolongs the life of drilling tools with the addition of hard coatings, such as Tungsten Carbides.

Valve Bodies - HVOF coatings are sprayed onto sealing surfaces and valve bodies to prolong and enhance the life of these critical parts.

Industry Surface Requirement Component Thermal Spray Coatings
Coatings for the oil and gas industry
Resist Abrasive Grains Sucker Rod Couplings Fused Nickel-Cobalt
Resist Abrasive Grains Slush Pump Piston Rods Fused Tungsten Carbide
Corrosion Resistance Dump Valve Plug & Seat Fused Nickel Chromium
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